Monday, February 12, 2007

Day 5

Global Climate

State the Problem:
  • The Earth is getting warmer


  • Earth has warmed by about 1ºF over the past 100 years.
  • Warmer days on earth make the sea level rise, and sea levels have risen.
  • The world's iciest continent gradually has been warming over the past 150 years.
  • Ice core samples show average temperatures rising 0.2 degree Celsius.
  • 50% reduction in the amount of cold, deep water flowing from the North Atlantic to the tropics.
  • Evidence from prehistoric times shows that it is possible for northern air temperatures to drop by 10ºC (18ºF) within decades.
  • The average temperature around the equator has risen by a fraction of a degree.

Contributing Factors:

  • Greenhouse gases make the Earth warmer by trapping energy in the atmosphere.
  • Human activities have substantially added to the amount of heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
  • Human activities and increasingly trapping more heat.
  • Increased carbon dioxide production and land use.


  • I think if people just recycle more, and put less gases in the air it will stop pollution and the ozone layer won't be ruined so much. Pollution puts holes in the ozone layer causing the earth to warm. If everyone limits their use of cars we could save the earth.

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Aber said...

Hey Lauren!
Good job on all the information you got from all those articles. You did a good job on the research and you should keep it up! Well good job! Bye