Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Day 3: Tartan Problem

Tartan Problem

State the Problem:
  • Kids are failing classes


  • I have friends that have failed classes
  • Grade sheets in classroom show who is failing
  • In required tenth grade classes, there are juniors or seniors in it

Contributing Factors:

  • No time, have after school activities, out of school sports, or work
  • Don't understand concepts in the class time
  • No parents, friends, etc. to help them
  • All around don't care what grades they have


  • Once kids start failing they must be required to get after school help from the teacher that has them in their class, they must skip their after school commitments


amy09 said...

i liked your tartan problem essay. you have a lot of really good answers and ideas, and the colors are pretty cute too. good job :]

-amy r. 5th hour.


I like this postr you offered alot of good details that allow people to see more into the probelem.
Maybe for evidance mention parent portal (?)
For Contributing factors you could say poor teaching pracices by the teachers.
I like your solution alot...and maybe kids working with the teachers so the teachers can work on their teaching problems...

Mr. Hatten said...

Lauren: Nice blog, first of all. I really like it. The problem-solution thing is ok, but you do need to keep your evidence as evidence only. For instance, grades being posted by teachers is not evidence of failures. The fact that there are X amount of Fs on those sheets is evidence. It's at this point that Sarah needs to hear that it's never the teacher's fault -- especially when it's Mr. Hatten (lol). -- Mr. H.