Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation 2: SIRS- If you Think Doctor-Assisted Suicide Puts People in Charge of Their Own Lives, Think Again

Author: Jeffrey A. Schaler
August 2003

This article mainly focuses on the differences between euthanasia "suicide", and regular suicide. The author states that suicide is mainly put across people with mental illnesses, and is illegal. So, why should it be legal for someone to "kill themselves" because they're in physical pain when it is illegal for someone to kill themselves because they're in mental pain. He also suggests that physician-assisted suicide isn't necessarily suicide, it is more of legal homicide by the doctor. The government is also suggested to be in control of your body during euthanasia. It says that when you want to kill yourself because of mental illness, that's your control. If you want to "kill yourself" because of physical pain that is the government's control.

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