Thursday, March 29, 2007

.:*My Favorite Place in the Whole World*:.

My favorite place in the whole world is a very fun place to be. Any month of the year you can usually always expect sunny, warm days. One of the best parts about this, is you can kick back and go to the beach whenever you want and always have an awesome time. Although you might have to watch out for sharks you can still have a great time without the worry. Many people envy people who are in this area, it's somewhere any fun-loving person would enjoy. If you're really into having a good time, there are plenty of theme parks for you to go to while you're there. These theme parks have fun water rides, rides based on movies, and if you're in for a scare there are rides for that too. The water rides include small splashes to getting soaked by a waterfall. Some rides that are based on movies are "Jaws," "Popeye," "Incredible Hulk," and plenty more. If you are a fan of any of those movies I'm sure you'll be a fan of these amusing rides. One of the scariest rides in my opinion is the "Jurassic Park Ride," but of course it is extremely fun with an 80 foot, practically straight down drop! These parks are always filled with laughter, screaming, and loud music. The sounds of an exotic, wonderful place. Some other great places here is "Bush Gardens," the home to over 2000 animals. One of the interesting things about this zoo, other than there are tons of animals is the fact that there are rides here, actual big roller coaster rides. Whether you want to see gorillas, elephants, rhinos, or zebras, you will find them all and tons more at this zoo. Also, separate from the zoo is another fascinating place where you can find some interesting creatures, this place is "Gator Land." At "Gator Land" you will find yourself nose to nose with an alligator, and even witness live people wrestling alligators. If you want to see some amazing things, "Gator Land" is the place to be. Speaking of Gators, the college basketball team known as the "Gators" here is unbelievable, if you're a basketball fan this is the best place for you. Be there to cheer on your favorite players including Senior Guard, Lee Humphrey, Junior Forward Joakim Noah, and Senior Forward Chris Richard. All in all, whatever you're interested in, this place, which is my favorite place in the whole world, is the place for you.

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